Specialised Training

Driving Training further

At Oz Trade we boast a modern state of the art training centre, designed to assist our customers to up skill their employees locally. Here at our Nerang training centre our fully qualified technical demonstrators provide “one on one” training if required, or on site training at the customer’s request. We take training seriously as it is our goal to have all our attendees excel to the highest level.

After the training module has been completed it is our expectation that the attendee will improve on their efficiencies whilst maximizing material savings, securing more profits to you, the employer. Our training centre also incorporates a comprehensive media room, paint analysis and mixing systems in addition to a full down-draft heated spray oven where we can replicate any paint application in today’s market.
Some courses are provided by Axalta Coatings Systems via their National Accredited Trainer. In each of these courses a detailed explanation of the products is provided in our media room and, when the theory component is completed, the practical sessions commence down stairs in the work area. All
courses are of the highest level and are fully OH & S compliant.